How Sarah Can Help You On Your Journey


Now is the time to learn to listen to life's messages.

You are here for a reason. As Life Goes Water Flows is here to help you understand and control life's moments so you are no longer a reactor to the life around you– you can be a creator of moments.

Sarah’s clinical healing experiences of over 20 years as a registered nurse and a liver transplant clinical research coordinator are natural progressions to the whole-body-and-soul healing and guidance that she provides now. Whether you’re sensing messages within a dream or during the waking hours of the day, Sarah will assist you in understanding them by facilitating an increased consciousness.

This extreme attentiveness puts you in control, giving you greater inner peace and enabling you to become a creator of moments rather than a reactor to moments. Are you ready to decode the deeper lessons in your messages?

Greater individual empowerment comes when you gain a deeper connection with our true self through the acceptance and understanding of messages in life's moments at a soul level.

Together with Sarah, you can begin to make sense of your journey and your truth.


Messages Within the Moment

Realizing that life serves us Messages In Our Moments is key to raising our awareness and consciousness of how to best be fully present in each minute of our days. Perception is everything, being present comes from within, and the marriage of both creates the conscious spacious energy with an inner peace. Creating this inner awareness can change the way you interpret your story.

Learn to recognize the messages in the moment and understand their meanings so they can guide you through a more positive life. Understand what the world around you is telling only  you. Learning to live within the moment will help you create a more peaceful life, a more fulfilling life.

Are you ready to learn to live within the moment?

90 Minute Individual Messages In the Moments Consultation - $111

Gateway Dreaming™

In ancient times, dreamers gained valuable insights during the night hours that helped their people survive and overcome the physical hardships of life. Times have changed and most of the challenges we face today do not threaten our physical survival–– they threaten our emotional and spiritual well-being.

Your dreams do more than entertain you while sleeping. Your dreams are delivering messages in an effort to guide you in making decisions, finding solutions, connecting with loved ones, uncovering secrets about your health, and so much more.

As a certified Gateway Dreaming™ practitioner, Sarah guides clients into the role of a power dreamer who remembers and uses their ability to pass through the gateway of the physical realm and into the astral land of dreams.

Gateway Dreaming™ Practitioners have been trained to guide you to:

  • Unlock “The Hidden Power Of Dreams” (by Denise Linn)

  • Understanding and interpreting your dreams

  • Gaining the ability to manifest your own dreams

  • Understanding messages from your Soul

  • Taking the nightmares out of the night

  • Learning to incubate dreams

  • Gaining greater mindfulness during your day

  • Getting better sleep and waking up with energy

  • An increased awareness leading to inner peace

90 Minute Individual Messages In the Moments Consultation - $111

Group & Individual Dream Courses

12 sessions/6-week Gateway Dreaming Course!

Sarah guides you through a 6-week workshop of learning to interpret and manifest your dreams using the teachings of The Gateway Dreaming™ Certification Program, classes of Denise Linn– an amazing Shaman, teacher, mentor, author, and friend.

With As Life Goes Water Flows, you can choose to take this journey in either an individual or group setting over 12 weeks in St. Louis, MO. Sunrise to Sunset courses are for Messages in our daily moments, while the Sunset to Sunrise courses are for Gateway Dreaming. Both courses are coming soon!

2 Sessions One Night a Week - $333